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Vol. 18, June 2016
Eurbanlab news
Welcoming ICIS as our new partner!

We are proud to announce our partnership with the International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development (ICIS) at Maastricht University. Together with ICIS, we will be looking for opportunities to collaborate in European Calls for research on sustainable (urban) development.
Eurbanlab news
Highlighting the B4U-tool

Since the start of 2014 Eurbanlab offers two ways to support stakeholders in the evaluation of sustainable (re)development projects! Next to the in-depth assessment that is executed by Eurbanlab assessors, a web-based version was developed to function as a self-assessment tool for stakeholders such as construction companies, housing corporations or developers.
News from our partners
The Utrecht interaction table

Our friends at the Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI) have developed an innovative method to boost citizen engagement in sustainable transformation projects. Using data and sustainable solutions resulting from the Climate-KIC project Smart Sustainable Districts, the table was specifically designed for the transformation of 'Utrecht The New Centre' and helps stakeholders to work together.
News from our partners

Applications close soon!

In partnership with Eurbanlab, Construction21 organises the yearly Green Building & City Solutions Awards to further disseminate best practice solutions. The international competition of exemplary green buildings and eco-districts is followed by a million professionals worldwide!

The contest highlights real solutions that are already implemented in existing buildings, and that could be replicated in other places. Beyond the 10 countries covered by Construction21 today, two new organizing countries join the competition: The United States and Colombia. Moreover, the international platform Construction21 will show delivered projects from all over the world. Buildings from China, Scandinavia and Brazil are already announced for 2016, and a “Energy & Hot Climates” category will highlight efficient buildings in tropical and arid environments.

Editor's Choice

Featured Article

Record CO2 levels signal sizzling summers

With a little help from that natural cyclic phenomenon El Niño and a lot of help from humans, carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere will exceed 400 parts per million(ppm) not just for the rest of the year, but probably for a lifetime. And as carbon dioxide levels rise, so will temperatures. Scientists say that summers 50 years from now will be far hotter than any experienced by anybody now.

The record CO2 level is yet another notch in the seemingly inexorable rise of the greenhouse gas that, for most of human history, oscillated around 285 ppm. In 1958, a scientist recording atmospheric concentrations at the top of a mountain in Hawaii recorded levels of 315 ppm and, very slowly, climate scientists began to worry about the possibility of global climate change as a consequence of global warming from the increasing combustion of fossil fuels.

Europe's renewables spending hits 10-year low
The reputation of Europe as a renewable energy leader has taken a serious knock as its investment dropped by 21 per cent last year while global figures reached record levels. Overall, investment in developed countries fell by 8% last year.

Green homes are only as green as their users
Experts say that personal habits could waste more than 50% of energy savings even in an energy efficient home. A study, published in Procedia Engineering, found that incorrect use of airconditioners, thermostats, ventilation and humidity control could have a dramatic effect on predicted energy savings from efficient homes.

Urban Innovation
Utopian off-grid 'Regen Village' produces all of its own energy
'ReGen village' is  planned off-grid community that addresses issues ranging from climate change to food security though sustainable design. Danish architectural firm 'EFFEKT' plans to start building this utopian community this summer.

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