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Vol. 17, May 2016
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Green Building & Solutions Awards

In partnership with Eurbanlab and other institutions, such as the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, Construction21 organises the yearly Green Building & City Solutions Awards to further disseminate best practice solutions. The international competition of exemplary green buildings and eco-districts is followed by a million professionals worldwide!
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LiveChat now available!

We’re delighted to introduce live chat support to our website, so you can get instant feedback and answers to your questions about Eurbanlab, our services and urban innovations. Simply click the live chat button to speak to our communications team who can assist you with your queries.
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Expanding our Showcasing service!

For those who missed it, earlier this year Eurbanlab partnered with Construction21 to further expand our Showcasing service. Next to the brochures, we now offer Showcase videos and further expanded the network to promote sustainable city solutions!

Why Showcase your sustainability solutions?

    Showcasing starts with an independent & neutral interview, using elements of the unique Eurbanlab methodology to analyse sustainable innovations.

    We create a glossy brochure and/or video for your sustainable building! The showcase products are made specifically for your project. You will receive a modern brochure or video without advertising or other advertorials- ready to send to your own clients & contacts!

    During the interview we discuss the project from top to bottom. Using elements of our unique assessment methodology, the interviews help you to extract important lessons learned!

    Increase the international exposure of your sustainable building and/or sustainability solutions. Make use of a large international network and the two largest databes of sustainable construction in Europe, reaching over 17.000 sustainability professionals and 70.000 monthly website visitors.

    Find an overview of the different Showcase packages on our website 
    or submit your contact information using the button below and we will contact you.
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Open Call for Featured Articles

Are you Eurbanlab's new Featured Article contributor? 
Every month we're searching for interesting news and articles to include in our European briefing on sustainability, climate change and urban innovations. Each briefing contains a 'Featured Article' with more in-depth information on a current topic or specific theme. The briefings are sent out to our European community of sustainability professionals, construction companies, investors, governments and research institutes.

Do you have articles you would like to share within our Community? 

Editor's Choice

Featured Article

Climate adaptation gap grows wider

New study shows that the financial costs of developing countries adapting to the impacts of climate change may rise to as much as $500 billion by 2050. 

The cost of coping with climate change in the developing world has just gone up. According to a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), it may have increased five-fold. By 2050, the cost of adapting to the impact of rising sea levels, greater extremes of heat, changing seasonal growth patterns, drought and potentially more intense, or more frequent, floods and storms is set at between $280bn and $500bn a year.
The last such study, by the World Bank in 2010, estimated the annual costs between 2010 and 2050 as being from $70bn to $100bn a year. But the new report, written by authors from 15 institutions and reviewed by 31 experts, takes a closer look, building on the earlier estimates by examining national and sector studies.

Giant greenhouse in Rotterdam doubles as a light-filled family home
Students of the University of Rotterdam, developed an "extreme and innovative concept" designed to be sustainable in every sense of the word. The experimental CHIBB House doubles as a greenhouse and family home.

Superblocks to the rescue: Barcelona's plan to give streets back to residents
The Catalan capital’s radical new strategy will restrict traffic to a number of big roads, drastically reducing pollution and turning secondary streets into ‘citizen spaces’ for culture, leisure and the community. 

New tech could make large, flexible solar panels more feasible
A new, high-pressure technique may allow the production of huge sheets of thin-film silicon semiconductors at low temperatures in simple reactors at a fraction of the size and cost of current technology.

Trump cannot derail global Climate Deal
Even if he wins the US presidency,  Donald Trump will be unable to halt international progress towards a low-carbon economy, a British expert says.

Why renewables are not enough...
Producing 100 per cent of the world's electricity from renewable sources won't be enough to meet its climate goals. Broader changes to the global energy system are needed, energy experts say.

Showcasing Urban Innovation

The aim of Showcasing is to share inspiring examples of sustainable construction projects, thereby increasing our shared understanding and awareness of successful innovations. We add inspiring examples to our library and create beautiful Showcase publications. We share them in our external newsletters, on our public events and website. Interested in Showcasing your innovation? Read about the possibilities on our website.
Almelo City Hall -
Designed for BREEAM Excellent!

As part of a larger plan to revitalise the city centre of Almelo, the newly built city hall is an example of sustainable construction and modern design. With sustainability as the cornerstone of its design, the building is currently one of the most energy efficient public buildings in the Netherlands. The building will receive its BREEAM-NL Excellent certification later this year. City Hall Almelo is an interesting example, as it shows that highly sustainable buildings are achievable with current technologies and under very tight budgets (...)

Recently added to our
library of Urban Innovations!

Urban Innovation
The Smartest Building in the World

According to British rating agency BREEAM, which gave it the highest ­sustainability score ever awarded: 98.4 percent, The Edge is the ­greenest building in the world. The Edge is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Urban Innovation
Trees of Barcelona - Tempering the Mediterranean City Climate

As a Mediterranean coastal city, Barcelona is particularly vulnerable to climate change, water stress and rising sea levels. Its high population density also magnifies the local heat island effect which causes an array of health and environmental challenges.
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