Meet the Eurbanlab team

Executive board

Roger Toussaint – Managing director (NL)
Javelin Creative Solutions

Roger Toussaint is a researcher/consultant in urban sustainability & environmental governance with a particular focus on the politics, regulation and project management of urban development. He has been closely involved in the development of Eurbanlab since its conception in the spring of 2012. Since the start of 2015 Eurbanlab continues as a start-up, in which Roger further develops the services and their market uptake in Europe.

Brian Kilkelly – Community coordinator (UK)
World Cities Network

Brian Kilkelly works on increasing the numbers of organisations that can contribute to Eurbanlab’s growth and impact. He is responsible for identifying new members and supporters, as well as contributing towards the strategic development of the Eurbanlab community.

Supervisory Board

Eurbanlab is delighted to have the support and expert contributions of leaders from across urban development professionals, real estate industry and research institutes. The team helps to further create, shape and drive forward Eurbanlab’s services and products.

Ed Metcalfe (UK)
Institute for Sustainability

Ed Metcalfe is the director of the Institute for Sustainability. He has extensive experience in measurement, monitoring and evaluation of climate friendly innovation projects in resource efficient buildings, sustainable infrastructure and transport and logistics.

Kees van Deelen (NL)

Kees is senior program manager at TNO and provides advise in the business development of Eurbanlab.

Members of the Supervisory Board