The Journey
12th of August 2013

Education is one of the three pillars of Climate KIC. Part of this pillar is The Journey, a five week programme for international students. On 12th of August we introduced a group of 40 students to Eurbanlab as part their Journey.

The city of Tilburg in The Netherlands hosted us. Tilburg is a city with many neighbourhoods from the beginning of the 20th century. The houses are ill isolated and do not meet the current standards of luxury. As part of their ambitious climate policy, Tilburg works together with the social housing association named Tiwos on retrofitting these houses. Joey van Osch guided the students through one of the neighbourhoods. Furthermore, has an energy warrantee that guarantees tenants and house owners a minimum cost savings through investments in energy reduction. Berend de Vries, one of the alderman of the city, explained how they convince citizens to participate in the energy reduction programme.

An important insight is that citizens should be approached by someone they can identify with. De Vries stated: “Regardless the important role of early adaptors with queer socks and sandals, it is important to use average people to convince citizens.”

In the afternoon the students worked on different cases concerning the business models of Eurbanlab. They came up with some new ideas. Did you ever think of Eurbanlab being the one to do a prequalifying of companies for governments or private investors that are looking for the best architects or building companies in sustainable urban development? Another inspiring idea is to find famous people who can promote Eurbanlab and its services.