Smart City Event, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 13-14 May 2014Logo-Smart-City-Event-2014

Eurbanlab participated in the smart city event in the Amsterdam Arena. There were many inspiring speakers with many great examples from all over the world. Saintander Spain saves 30% of their electricity bill by using smart street lighting and in Eindhoven they are experimenting with smart elders who can live on there own instead of a nursing home because of there smartphones. The Amsterdam Arena wants to be a zero energy building in 2015. That is why they have installed a solar roof. Eurbanlab partners ARCADIS and BAM are partners in this project.

Eurbanlab contributed on this event by hosting three-roundtable session where we have presented Eurbanlab to the participants. These roundtable sessions turned out to be inspiring and contributing to the development of Eurbanlab. One of the attendees stressed the importance of acceptance of new, sustainable technology. Technology, like smart meters, can only contribute to lower carbon emissions if people use it in the right way. Participants were also interested in comparisons between projects that have used the Eurbanlab assessment method and projects that didn’t. We conclude that there is a demand for what Eurbanlab has to offer to those involved in sustainable, smart cities.