Ed Metcalfe attended the Making Transitions Happen event “Perspectives and Opportunities for 2015” at the Climate-KIC office in Brussels on December 2nd/3rd.

The event was very well attended with over 100 delegates, many of them postgraduate students, and there was a very buzzy atmosphere.

The three presentations on EU Climate change priorities were especially timely, and there was much common messaging across different perspectives from Lambert van Nistelrooj (MEP and Member of Committee on Regional Development), Anastasios Kentarchos (Deputy Head, Climate Action and Earth Observation) and Bela Galgoczi (European Trade Union Institute, ETUI). Although there are concerns that EU investment in green energy is falling behind China, and non-binding climate targets are problematic, the Climate-KIC is seen to have a key role to play since Climate-retated research and sustainability are at the heart of EU support, with a special focus on solution-oriented approaches, and taking on more regional innovation.

The reason Horizon 2020 is not called FP8 is the stronger focus on going beyond research to promote more innovation to market, and a common theme is the need to move beyond reinventing work in EU projects which don’t have mechanisms to take the good ideas closer to market. The point Ed made in the discussion, that projects like Eurbanlab which capture and share innovation more widely can have an important role, was well received.

The slides for these and the other sessions included Cities and CoP2015 and EU regional policy, establishing a Transition Hub for the Climate-KIC can be made available on request.

Ed presented Eurbanlab, one of selected group of MTH projects, during the informal evening buffet, and in the light of several discussions with interested PhD students, it was clear that they could find the Eurbanlab tools very valuable aid to their research.