Eurbanlab Community Event
3rd of July

Eurbanlab has organised an event to discuss the continuation of Eurbanlab as an independent entity. On July 3rd, partners met at EIVP in Paris. After a warm welcome by Anne-Marie Spierings (ARCADIS), Kees van Deelen (TNO) recalled the history of Eurbanlab. He memorised the birth of the Eurbanlab-idea on a rainy day in Brussels, when he and some others asked themselves why transition into sustainable, climate resilient cities is slow. “Why” was also the subject of the intermezzo: an inspiring TED-talk by Simon Sinek.
Community event








Next were 4 pitches about the ambitions of Eurbanlab and the achievements so far. Ed Metcalfe (Institute for Sustainability) explained the library. Peter Bosch (TNO) shared the extent of applicability of the “Benchmark for Urban innovations” assessment method, the benefits of the method and the future developments.

Martin O’Conner (UVSQ) showed the rationale behind the IT-solutions of the ePlanet website. With interlinking galeries, the website provides many opportunities to facilitate the assessments as well as communications within the community. The website is based on principles of collaborative learning, and provides multiple types of query. Licia Jasperse (ARCADIS) summarised the different communication channels that are in use so far and the benefits that the community brings to its members. After the break, the future of the Eurbanlab entity was subject of discussion. The hybrid model, with a community and a social enterprise, still stands as the best structure to realise our ambitions.

After the meeting, the community members visited the Place de la Republique in Paris with the good guidance of Antoine Mangeot and Joffrey Lorentz (research engineers at EIVP).

Place de la RepubliquePlace de la Republique 2JPG