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A harder rain’s a-gonna fall in the US

Ever-heavier downpours threaten mainland America with harder rain as a consequence of global warming. US cities need to be ready. LONDON, 11 December, 2017 – For the US, harder rain is on the way: America’s summer thunderstorms are about to get stormier. Later this century, the notorious mesoscale convective storms of middle America will not […]

Why you should join The EB Circle

Eco-Business has unveiled a new membership programme called The EB Circle for its growing community. Join us and be part of the global sustainable development story. Source: Eco Business – Why you should join The EB Circle

Lyft now offering self-driving rides in Boston

The vehicles are operated by nuTonomy, which touts this partnership as the "first-ever public pilot between a ride-sharing company and an autonomous vehicle company" in the U.S. Source: Sustainable Cities Collective – Lyft now offering self-driving rides in Boston

Hotter world than predicted may be here by 2100

A hotter world could be on the way, unless nations act. That’s because the gloomiest predictions may not have been gloomy enough.   LONDON, 8 December, 2017 – Tomorrow may experience a hotter world than anyone had feared. Global warming, under the notorious “business-as-usual scenario” in which humans go on burning fossil fuels to power economic […]